Activate Verizon DSL from Linux
   1. Connect your shiny new DSL modem and turn it on. It's easiest
   to make sure your computer is plugged right into the modem over
   ethernet and doesn't have a router in the middle.

   2. Open Firefox and point yourself to

   3. The user and pass are: admin/password, be sure to change this to
   something else once you log in(Verizon recommends admin/admin.)

   4. Wait for the network to be detected, and then click on the green text
   "connected" in the left-hand pane.

   5. Under broadband connection, click add.

   6. Name the service Verizon, and put your username and password in that you
   signed up to Verizon DSL with.

   7. Click apply, and then back at the broadband connection screen, disconnect
   the "Auto registration" connection and then connect the new one you just made.
   Also, don't forget to make it default.

   8. Once its connected, open a new browser window and browse to this address:

   9. Once the page is loaded, click disable.

   10. Browse to any webpage to be sure it all worked.

   11. Restart the modem to make sure everything is saved, and you should be good.

    Last modification: Wed Nov 18 13:11:00 AST 2009