How install java games on Samsung Behold
  1. Enter the following code in your phone: *#0523#
  2. Press the back key until you find the "common" option. (5 times back)
  3. Press Common
  3. Press USB Configuration
  4. Press Qualcom USB
  5. Press confirm
  6. Connect your phone to the PC
  7. Open BitPim program
  8. Click Detect phone
  9. Select the first available port
  10.Click on the left arrow on the first folder to expand the entire tree.
  11. Look for a main folder "Exe". If is not found, it is hidden.
    To make it visible you need to create a folder name: "Exe/Java/Games/"
    Dont use the "'s or < >
    If you use an existing name it will cause an error. Use a random keystroke, it is just to
    turn he games folder visible, remove that random folder.
  12. Create a new folder with the name of the game that you want to upload:
    "Right click on the Games folder and selectMake a new subdirectory"
  13. Right on the new directory and select new File and select a jad file,
    repeat for jar file, png file and MANIFEST.MF.
  14. Unplug the phone form the PC
  15. Enter the following code in your phone: *#6984125*#
  16. Press "Internals"
  17. The Master Key is: *#9072641*#
  18. Press "Storage Settings"
  19. Press "Update Java Db"
  20. Press END

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